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Meanwhile, please enjoy this episode of Diane and Mildred's Gospel Music Arts Telecast!

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Wednesday 5:30 AM on CW4 TV, Bristol VA
Saturday 6:00 AM on CW4 TV, Bristol VA
Sunday 6:30 AM on WEMT TV Fox Tri-Cities, Bristol VA
Sunday 6:00 PM on COZI TV, Bristol TN
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Diane and Mildred

Talented Ladies

Diane and Mildred live worlds apart but by God's grace, their alliance has proven a powerful contender for a wide audience eager for spiritual fulfillment.

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Learn and sing along with some of our favorite gospel music. All you have to do is make your donation of $35.00 or more to Diane and Mildred's Gospel Music Arts and then simply request the "Special Offer". We'll send you a CD of great music along with a jam-a-long sing-a-long booklet with the lyrics to those great gospel songs.


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Diane and Mildred have broken new ground for TV and duet performances, achieving far-reaching impact on lives of their viewers and listeners.

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